Michael R. Jackson's DIRTY LAUNDRY album is available today!

Friends, the release date is finally here! I'm so proud to be a small part of my dear friend and longtime collaborator Michael R. Jackson's project, which has been several years and multiple Kickstarter campaigns in the making. It has been such a joy to work alongside Michael all these years as he's evolved into the master songwriter he is today. He is utterly unique, no-BS, burn-it-to-the-ground fearless, and his star is rising at long last, so get on the I-knew-him-when bandwagon while you can. I wrote the music to the third track, "Swim with Sharks", but the whole thing is guaranteed to make you a lifelong fan (or maybe enemy, or both) of Michael's.  In addition to the first-rate writing, it's chock full of performances by a gaggle of some of the most interesting and loveliest singers working in the theatre today. Listen and purchase the album now!

And look out for Michael's musical, A Strange Loop, coming to Playwrights Horizons next season!

Rachel Peters